Above Ground Pool Skimmer, Fun & Effective pool skimmers

Above Ground Pool Skimmer
A Fun and Effective way to skim the debris from the surface of any pool

Above Ground Pool Skimmer or Skimmers for pools of any type. You might as well have fun while you are skimming the debris from the surface of your swimming pool. There are several different types of skimmers for pools. However, In my point of view, it just makes sense to have as much fun as possible while we are cleaning the pool. The bigger the pool, the better!

A big above ground or inground swimming pool gives you or whoever, the ability to get this remote control pool skimmer going faster. Therefore, it’s much more fun to skim the leaves and debris from any pool.

Above Ground Pool Skimmer types and prices

It really doesn’t matter if your pool is above ground or a regular inground pool. In order to keep your pool a Safe and Stress-Free place for the family to gather, you need to make sure it’s clean. That being said, you might as well have fun and enjoy the task of skimming the pool surface.

Remote Control Pool Skimmer

The Dunn Rite Jet Net Remote Control Pool Skimmer
is one of the best gadgets for cleaning the leaves and debris from any pool. Providing fun and making the task of cleaning the pool much more enjoyable. Kids and adults both will anxiously wait for their turn to operate this pool skimmer.

Powered by a heavy duty rechargeable NI-MH battery (battery & charger included), Your kids will love cleaning the pool. The batteries will last a surprisingly long time and the radio has a range of up to 100 feet. This makes it great for pools and small ponds.

Summer is just around the corner and we know it’s going to be a hot one. It makes good sense to get a jump on the season and get your pool supplies ahead of time

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